Cool Custom TShirts for Teenagers

If you are already of a certain age, picking out a shirt for teenagers can be challenging to say the least.

Admittedly, people’s tastes change over the years.

While your taste may have mellowed already, teenage sensibilities remain young, vibrant and updated. This is something that you should think about when picking out the design of a shirt for a teenager. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. custom_Tsirts Sports teams

There are always hometown favorites, and shirts with the logo splashed in the center are quite popular with teens. NBA and NFL teams are also quite common in the world of custom shirts.

Find out if the recipient of the shirt is into sports, and if so, what teams does he support? You can create a series of custom shirts using sports teams as inspiration.

And the best thing about this is that people often wear their team shirts for a long time. If the recipient is a guy, he’ll probably wear his shirt until it’s old. Talk about gifting a shirt that ‘sticks!’


There are different kinds of quotes, from serious to intellectual to humorous. So knowledge about the person who will wear the shirt is important.

What’s the wearer’s personality? What is he into? If you are going to give the shirt to a typical teenager with common interests, we suggest that you stick to humorous lines or ‘edgy’ lines that speak of toughness or being stoic.

If it’s a girl, well, stick to sweet and inspirational text. Remember: you should want to wear the shirt if you are getting it as a present.

If it makes you cringe even a little, redo the design. Custom shirt websites allow you to modify a design repeatedly until you get it right. So don’t rush the design, pay close attention to the final product.

  1. Popular TV shows 

Netflix’s TTV series have a huge following now and a little Google search will show you what teenagers are raving about these days. Images from popular TV series, as well as memorable lines are all the dream stuff of creative custom shirts.

If you want to make the design really special, all you have to do is put a little twist to the original line (like turn it to a joke) and you have a great shirt design under your wing.

The best shirt designs are simple, but have lots of impact. Shirts that have too many details can be distracting to the point of unattractiveness.

Obviously, we don’t want this, so keep your design straightforward and you should be able to focus on the main message that you want to convey with the art.

4. Go retro

Many teenagers appreciate retro themes on their shirts. Even if they aren’t part of the generation that created the culture, wearing a retro-themed shirt is still considered cool. Think classic MTV (Beavis and Butthead), and acts like Beck and songs like “Go West.”

There are tons of cultural references in history that are ripe for the picking. Think hard of what you were in when you were a teenager.

We are sure that when you were young, you had your own ideas of what it meant to be cool, right? Bring those ideas to your design. Bridge the generation gap with some cool retro art.

  1. Pop art

Pop art is colorful, comic book-ish, and highly collectible. Pop art is reminiscent of the splashy art of the seventies and eighties, combined with the edginess of the current Gen Z generation.

Lots of teenagers relate to pop art a lot because it’s anti-institution, but at the same time, it’s beautiful and easy on the eyes.

Combining colorful pop art with colors like black and white helps quell the over-brightness of the pop art, and at the same time, makes the shirt an effective canvas for the message that needs to be conveyed.

  1. Cartoons

custom_TsirtsCartoons may have changed drastically through the decades but one thing is for sure: at one point in time, people adored cartoons. Will teenagers still wear shirts with cartoon characters? Of course, they will! A cool black shirt with Mickey Mouse at the center is vibrant and cool enough to be worn everywhere.

The trick here is to mature the design so it reverberates with the age of the person wearing it. Teenagers wear cartoon characters as emblems and icons of their age, and not because they find cartoon characters cute. Cartoons like Rick and Morty are also popular with teens.

Cartoons have evolved from being merely kids’ shows to being social commentary. Teenagers are definitely attached to cartoons that reflect society and their own lives. Again, just knowing what the recipient is into (in terms of cartoons) will give you lots of ideas as to what could possibly be placed on the shirt as a central design.

  1. Patterned art

Shirts don’t always need text to be meaningful. If you want inspiration for patterned art that requires no words, think of tattoos. Not all tattoos have text alongside them. Many of them are pure art, with swirls, curves, and lines.

To select the right kind of patterned art, think of the temperament of the person getting the shirt. Sharp lines and bold strokes are for people with high personalities. Softer designs are obviously for gentler personalities.

There are lots of freely available patterns on the Web now that a simple Google search will get you lots of ideas. You can also browse the database of the custom shirt website that you are using for inspiration. Patterned art is great if you don’t know exactly what the interests of the person are, but would like to still connect to the recipient through the shirt.

When creating custom shirts for teenagers, rely on your own good sense and taste, too. And don’t rush the design – take your time, test out different images and orientations first. You will be able to create cool custom tshirts for teenagers in no time.


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