Learn How Garden City Realty Brokers Prepare Checklists for New Occupants

Avail of any of the properties that are being offered by Garden City Realty and you will be met by well-trained brokers who will accompany you on a walk-around of the property you choose. This usually happens before you decide to sign the real estate contract. This kind of service is usually not available in other real estate companies. The management has trained the employees very well in order to make sure that each and every client is happy and satisfied.

The company’s well-trained brokers are very efficient and have been commended by their clients for giving exemplary service when it comes to helping buyers acquire a house or condominium unit in Garden City. Here are the usual checklists that these brokers refer to when they advise their new tenants of the things to look for before settling in.

Bills and Warranty Copies on Repairs or Recently Installed Appliances

All of these items should have their corresponding warranties and other pertinent documentations. They are to be handed over to the new tenant for safekeeping. Brokers usually hand over to their new tenants the copies of receipts of all repairs that were carried out in their homes. This will come in handy when they need to have certain fixtures repaired in the future.

Electronics are Properly Installed and are Functioning Well

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There are times when the newly installed electronic gadgets were approved to be in perfect condition but it does not mean that they are all functioning when the time comes for the new owner to settle in. Brokers from Garden City Realty often remind their clients that they have to check if all these devices are operational. In case of malfunctioning items, they will make an incident report to be immediately raised to the management. The most common built-in electronic devices are the alarm system, doorbell, and intercom.

The water heater, A/C units, and even the garage doors are to be tried first to be able to make sure that they are properly working. These must be tested before the owner settles in. There are times when the owner already has moved in and decides to turn the A/C on in the middle of the night and it does not start. A maintenance team must be capable of addressing and resolving these concerns 24/7, though it is even better if the owner tests the electrical installations immediately upon moving in to nip any problems in the bud.

Flowers, Shrubs and Plants from the Garden are not Mishandled

Some tenants rely on the real estate firm’s stock photos that are found on their web page. When the tenants see that they will have a beautiful Zen garden, they will expect to have one in their front lawn.

Brokers often advise their new occupants that they should check if the plants that were indicated in the stock photos are the same as those in their garden. Otherwise, they can easily request a new batch to be planted if they are in season.