Promote Your Brand Through Custom Patches

Custom patches are now commonly used as a medium for brand promotion. If the brand is still new, making it popular is not that easy, but with these patches, you can surely hasten the process of promoting your brand. It will help people recognize your brand wherever and whenever they see the patch. It is a common strategy for local shops to let their staff wear shirts with their company’s logo. If the workers wear this shirt outside the shop, people can easily notice and recognize that they are working for a certain company.

custom patches


There are different ways in making patches. The bigger the patch company, the more types of patches it offers. Different kinds of patches are used in different contexts, but they are most commonly used by employees and staff.

Companies provide their staff with uniforms containing their logos. The patch is worn especially during special events. It offers a unique identification for the company. People who see the logo frequently would be familiar with your brand. You can ask the manufacturer to make different patches for your company and they may vary in size and shape. Such patches are usually sewn onto different kinds of fabrics. Customization is absolutely allowed. This makes it a perfect gift for your friend.

For ordinary individuals, custom patches are used as gifts. They can attach the patch onto a bad, hat, shirt or jacket. They can also be mounted on caps, key chains, and lanyards. A sports enthusiast would attach the logo of the sports team that they idolize onto their bags as a sign of support.

Embroidered Patch

The most commonly used patch is the embroidered patch. This patch is commonly sewn onto sports caps, T-shirts, and uniforms. If you are planning to make your own embroidered patch, you have to have the necessary materials. But if you are meeting a deadline, you may opt to buy from renowned patch manufacturers. These manufacturers can even make a patch design you need for a certain event. You just only need to consult them and give the sample design. The manufacturer would compile the necessary details you want to put on your patch. After making the initial design, the designer would get your suggestions, comments, and approval. After getting your approval, they will start the process of patch embroidery. The designer would be the one to gather the necessary materials. All you need to do is to pay for the corresponding charges.


As what was mentioned above, custom patches are used in advertising different companies and their products. This promotional strategy is more cost-efficient than producing commercials and establishing billboards.

If you sell items carrying your company’s logo, people may opt to give it as a present to someone. In this case, that someone will recognize the logo and know about your brand. If by chance, many people are wearing the same shirt which contains your logo, then many people can see and recognize your company or brand. This activity promotes familiarization among the people.

If you want an effective patch design for brand promotion, you can consult and hire a renowned and trustworthy patch manufacturer. The patch reflects the reputation of the brand and thus the owner of the company should improve its design. Ensure that the design carries the most important message you want to impart to others. With a stunning patch design, the patch will surely draw the attention of many people and make your company well-known.

Badge Lanyards – Ensure Your Safety

Wearing an ID badge is important in promoting security in health care, educational establishments and business. By wearing an ID, unauthorized people cannot easily sneak in the company’s premises without being recognized by the employees. Badge Lanyards are made for people to easily put on their IDs. Although wearing one is very simple, it can lead to various accidents if proper care is not observed. Given below are some of the possible risks of improperly wearing lanyards.

• Machines in the factory

Since factories utilize large industrial machines, badge lanyards may get entangled in them. This case is very alarming since the machine can draw you inside and cause serious injuries. It is a must to ensure your safety at all times. In this case, you must not use a long lanyard. The length should be short enough so that it will not sway frequently. Also, never play with your lanyard, especially when you are operating dangerous machinery or if you work beside them.

• Choking

badge lanyards

• Allergies

People who are allergic with the materials used in making lanyards are at a greater risk of allergy attacks. When these people wear lanyards for a long time, they can feel irritated and their neck will get itchy. In this case, you can still wear a lanyard but make sure that you are not allergic with the material used. You can contact the manufacturer and tell your condition. For sure, the manufacturer will make a lanyard suitable to your skin.

• Disease

Wearing a lanyard in hospitals is not completely safe. Most people who are admitted to the hospital are suffering from contagious diseases. Therefore, the fabric of the lanyard can absorb different infectious substances from the patients. In this case, the lanyard acts as a disease-spreading material. Fortunately, only certain types of material can absorb infectious substances. Beaded and shoelace-type lanyards have the ability to absorb materials around them. Hospital doctors and nurses do not wear such types of lanyards. They only wear lanyards that are resistant to foreign materials.

• Misuse

Lanyards should be used properly to prevent different types of accidents. Many people would think that such accidents are unusual,however, they still happen quite unexpectedly. For instance, wearing a badge lanyard in the jail is a little dangerous as the worker may get caught by the inmates by grabbing at the lanyard. They can tighten the lanyard making it difficult for the worker to breathe. In addition,a long lanyard can get tangled with wires. If it is a barb wire and you fall down, you can get several wounds.

Badge lanyards are useful in different companies, schools and organizations. However, if they are used improperly, they can cause several accidents. To ensure that these things will not happen to you, use your lanyard with caution. Any accident can be prevented so don’t be scared of the possible risks a lanyard can bring you. All you need to do is to be cautious with your actions.