The Quest for Beauty at NYBeautyBarSalon

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has his own concept of beauty and everyone want to be beautiful in varying ways. That is why the business of beauty salons thrive all over the world. In the US, salons like the NYBeautyBarSalon offers various services to help their growing client succeed in their quest for beauty.

The truth is that the “woke up like this” kind of beauty does not exist. Most people have to work at it. Taking care of yourself and availing of salon services such as those offered at NYBeautyBarSalon will give you the kind of look that you are looking for. Among the core services that you can avail of at the NYBeautyBarSalon are:

• Full Design/Style –

for people who do not have an idea of what look they want, the salon stylists can give a helping hand. Professional stylists will work with you to make sure that your best assets are highlighted.

• Styling for Events –

stylists at NYBeautyBarSalon can do hair and makeup for people attending special events like birthday parties, proms, and weddings. They can also be booked for groups and will work with you on schedules and other details to make sure that you and your entourage looks your best during your event.

• Hair Color –


whether you want to try out a new color or return to your natural hue, they can do it for you. They use different shades of hair colors that cover most of the color spectrum. Whether natural color or vibrant unorthodox color, it doesn’t matter because they will mix what you wish for with professional precision.

• Spa Services –

For those who are looking to relax and unwind through therapeutic services such as massages, skin rejuvenation, waxing and sometimes aroma therapy. These services are aimed for people who just want to kick the stress out of their systems completely and feel fresh.

• Radiating Beauty

Getting glammed up is not the only good reason why you should go to salons regularly. More than just for vanity, going to salons serves to provide you with the pampering you need as a reward for the hard work or whatever accomplishment you have done for the day. Going to salons and spas like NYBeautyBarSalon can relieve stress from all the activities that put a toll on your body. As you pamper yourself, you flush out the toxins from your body and elimate negativity from your mind. This gives you beauty from the inside out. When you feel better, it shows in your body and in the way you carry yourself. Notice that extra dose of swag and confidence in you as you walk out of a salon after a pampering session.

• In the Hands of the Pros

Choose to go to reputable salons like NYBeautyBarSalon. Sadly, there are salons that are not exactly worth your time and money. With this salon, you do not have to worry about anything as their employees are trained to provide high quality professional service every time. They take the customer’s opinion and requests seriously so that they can provide a personalized experience. They know that every person is an individual with unique needs and personalities. They aim to be versatile and adapt to each customer.

Being beautiful is not a frivolity that can be dispensed with. It’s actually part of being healthy. It would be unfortunate to let judgmental people hold you back from looking and feeling beautiful. You are not going to the salon to come out looking like a supermodel or a movie star. You are going to the salon to let your own beauty shine. Love yourself enough to believe that you are beautiful. Take the time to escape from your rigorous routine and pamper your body and mind at the salon. When you get out after your pampering, face the world and all its challenges with renewed confidence and drive to do your task in all your beautiful glory.

Origin and Variations Custom Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets were first worn in the 1970s. They served as a punk rock fashion during those times. They were developed to prove that people can wear accessories which are not expensive, as opposed to silver, gold, and platinum accessories.

Custom rubber bracelets are also perfect when it comes to making statements. During the 1980s, famous celebrities began wearing them on their concerts and television appearances. Rubber bracelets are actually made of silicone. They were called rubber bracelets because they are rubberized or stretchable.

These accessories are considered as novelty items. They are fun items so they easily gain the public interest.

The First Custom Rubber Bracelets

In the 1990s, people started making their own rubber bracelets. They would take out the thick rubber bands which are wrapped around different vegetables like broccoli and asparagus at grocery stores, and wear them around their wrists. This act drew the attention of business people which lead to the development of customized rubber bracelets.

Custom rubber braceletCompanies created their own versions of rubber bands. They incorporated statements or sayings on the surface of the bracelets. Some companies used these accessories to market their brands and products.

These rubber bracelets, however, did not last in the market. Because they were really made of rubbers, consumers feel uncomfortable wearing them over time. The bracelets have the tendency to snap, get stuck on the wearer’s skin, or even cause allergic reaction.

In the late 1990s, Jelly bracelets were introduced in the market. They are the replacement for the failed rubber bracelets. Jelly bracelet became popular because of an urban legend associated with its name. Others referred Jelly bracelets as Sex bracelets because of the story.

It was said that Sex bracelets come in different codes which represent different sexual acts. When someone snaps off the bracelet of the person wearing it, the wearer has to perform the sexual act that his/her bracelet symbolizes. Jelly bracelets were then trendy among youth so the rumor had scared a lot of parents. Because of that, the bracelets were banned in many schools.

The rumor eventually died down for it was never proven. Sex bracelets also eventually disappeared in the market.

Rubber Bracelets for a Cause

In 2004, Lance Armstrong and a well established sports equipment brand, worked hand-in-hand to create LiveStrong yellow bracelets. “Live Strong,” is the motto of Armstrong’s foundation for cancer research. These rubber bracelets are of a good cause. The bracelets were sold for 1 dollar each. All of the proceeds, which are over 28 million dollars, went to the cancer research.

Due to the success of LiveStrong bracelets, many charities and foundations mimic what Armstrong had started. Even nowadays, rubber bracelets were known to have a cause. They are now popular with many different colors, designs, and styles.

Different Variations of Custom Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets fall under the category of wristbands. Other wristbands are made of paper and leather. Wristbands are widely used by different organizations. They are also used as promotional products. For some, they simply act as an accessory that accentuates the wearer’s style and personality.

• Plain Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets are also referred as silicone bracelets or silicone wristbands. They are trendy nowadays to people of all ages. These accessories are colorful, affordable, durable, and comfortable to wear. Plain rubber bracelets are those which feature one or two striking colors. The most popular are red, pink, yellow, and black.

Yellow rubber bracelets became popular because of Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong bracelets. Pink rubber bracelets are known to represent the supporters of women battling with breast cancer. Plain rubber bracelets are the most famous among all the variations of rubber bracelets.

• Patterned Rubber Bracelets

These bracelets feature different patterns such as swirl, checkered, stripes, camouflage, and marbled. Consumers have different color combinations to pick. Patterned rubber bracelets will make the wearer stand out among a group of crowd.

• Glowing Rubber Bracelets

These variations are glow in the dark. They are most popular to children as they are fun to wear. They are also used in concerts and different gatherings held at night time. Glowing rubber bracelets also come in various colors.

• Imprinted Rubber Bracelets

To imprint custom rubber bracelets, manufacturers employ the use of screen printing. Any design and text can be printed on a rubber bracelet. Buyers offer both ready-made printed bracelets and personalized printed bracelets. For the latter, they let the customers pick the designs they want to be attached on the bracelets.
Imprinted rubber bracelets are really useful in marketing campaigns. Companies imprint their brand name on the bracelets, and then they give them away to possible consumers.

• Engraved Rubber Bracelets

These bracelets are essentially the same as imprinted rubber bracelets. The only difference is that here, the designs are engraved. Manufacturers used colored liquid silicone for this type. They create a mould on where they would pour the liquid silicone. Engraved rubber bracelets are great for customization. You can have your name engraved on your own rubber bracelet.

Design your own custom silicone wristbands, custom rubber bracelets and keychains. Create personalized rubber bracelets and wristbands