Learn How Garden City Realty Brokers Prepare Checklists for New Occupants

Avail of any of the properties that are being offered by Garden City Realty and you will be met by well-trained brokers who will accompany you on a walk-around of the property you choose. This usually happens before you decide to sign the real estate contract. This kind of service is usually not available in other real estate companies. The management has trained the employees very well in order to make sure that each and every client is happy and satisfied.

The company’s well-trained brokers are very efficient and have been commended by their clients for giving exemplary service when it comes to helping buyers acquire a house or condominium unit in Garden City. Here are the usual checklists that these brokers refer to when they advise their new tenants of the things to look for before settling in.

Bills and Warranty Copies on Repairs or Recently Installed Appliances

All of these items should have their corresponding warranties and other pertinent documentations. They are to be handed over to the new tenant for safekeeping. Brokers usually hand over to their new tenants the copies of receipts of all repairs that were carried out in their homes. This will come in handy when they need to have certain fixtures repaired in the future.

Electronics are Properly Installed and are Functioning Well

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There are times when the newly installed electronic gadgets were approved to be in perfect condition but it does not mean that they are all functioning when the time comes for the new owner to settle in. Brokers from Garden City Realty often remind their clients that they have to check if all these devices are operational. In case of malfunctioning items, they will make an incident report to be immediately raised to the management. The most common built-in electronic devices are the alarm system, doorbell, and intercom.

The water heater, A/C units, and even the garage doors are to be tried first to be able to make sure that they are properly working. These must be tested before the owner settles in. There are times when the owner already has moved in and decides to turn the A/C on in the middle of the night and it does not start. A maintenance team must be capable of addressing and resolving these concerns 24/7, though it is even better if the owner tests the electrical installations immediately upon moving in to nip any problems in the bud.

Flowers, Shrubs and Plants from the Garden are not Mishandled

Some tenants rely on the real estate firm’s stock photos that are found on their web page. When the tenants see that they will have a beautiful Zen garden, they will expect to have one in their front lawn.

Brokers often advise their new occupants that they should check if the plants that were indicated in the stock photos are the same as those in their garden. Otherwise, they can easily request a new batch to be planted if they are in season.

What are Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins, or usually military coins, are used by certain organizations to bear their insignia or emblem. Traditionally used to reward those who pass the membership challenges, it is also used to boost the morale of the organization members. Also, military coins are also used as collection items by the members of the organization.

military coins

Challenge coins are designed and customized depending on the preferences of the customer or organization. While some challenge coins are customized to bear their emblem, others contain symbols of different positions within an organization. For example, some challenge coins bear the symbol of a five star general or colonel. In some cases, it bears the design or symbol of honorary awards such as the Navy Cross or Medal of Honor.

When making challenge coins, the first step is deciding what it is for. Is it for a military organization? Is it for the fire department? Or will it be used to award members for their bravery and other accomplishments? Once the customer has decided the purpose of the challenge coin, the next step is making the design.

Usually, the customers send in predesigned graphics of what the challenge coins will look like. However, there are some instances when the customers would request for a graphic artist to create the design according to their specifications. The design specification includes the size, shape, color and finish of the challenge coin.

Challenge coins come in different shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular shapes include the round coin, polygon shape, dog tag shape or square coin. Once the customer had decided on the shape of the challenge coin, the next thing to do is choose what metal to use.

There are different metals used in making challenge coins. Some of the most popular ones are polished gold, antique gold, polished silver, antique silver, black nickel, copper and dual tone metal. The color of the challenge usually depends on the kind of finish the customer is aiming for. Some customers want the coins to look like antiques while others go for a clean and polished look.

Once all design specifications are finished, the design is then transferred to the coin making team. The stamp makers transform the sketch into a stamp that will be used to emboss or transfer the design onto the coin.

While the stamp is created, the coin base is molded. The chosen metal is melted and poured into the molds to achieve the desired cut and shape. Afterwards, it is polished and prepared for the design transfer.

At the design transfer, the stamp is used to emboss the insignia or symbol to the metal. This is usually done while the coin is still soft or cooling. Once the symbol has been transferred, the coin is polished and cleaned to remove the rough edges. Other details such as coloring the spaces follows suit. This part is usually done by hand for accuracy and precision. After that, all of the coins pass the quality control to check if there are any problems or damages in the coins. If the coins pass quality control, it is packed into special boxes or containers and sent to the customers.

Challenge coins are great collectible items. It is also good for recognizing the achievement of organization members. Aside from that, customized challenge coins are also affordable and durable. With proper care, it will last for generations to come.

Getting a Hold of your Desired Callaway Golf Set

Rock Bottom Golf is well-known for its great customer service and vast array of choices when it comes to golf equipment. It is also well-loved because of Scratch – Scratch the Caveman, who is considered to be Rock Bottom’s mascot. To others, however, Scratch is more than just a mascot. To some, Scratch is the persona of Rock Bottom Golf. He is the character that will instantly come to mind when someone thinks about Rock Bottom.

If it is still your first time to visit the Rock Bottom Golf site, then there is a great tendency that the first golf item you will be looking for is the popular Callaway golf set. Note that using the golf equipment from Callaway, Scratch has successfully built a large fan base that also carried Rock Bottom Golf on top. Through the unique character of Scratch, Rock Bottom Golf was able to set itself apart from other websites that focus on selling golf products, accessories and other equipment useful in playing the sport.

Callaway@ golf

With the help of the blog, you will surely get to know more about the ins and outs of the sport. It will provide reliable information on the basics of playing golf while also teaching you the basics of using various Callaway golf equipment. You will also be informed about how to prevent injuries when playing the sport. Note that golfers are not exempted from dealing with injuries.

In fact, some of them suffer from golfers back injury which usually takes place because of the lack of the required exercise to play or perform the sport correctly. This usually happens when your spine moves in an awkward angle or position while playing the sport. Certain exercises should be done before playing golf to prevent this injury. You will find more about these exercises with the help of Scratch’s blog.

If Callaway golf was able to make its products known by ensuring the quality of their offers, Scratch makes himself famous through character build-up and the quality of information he offers. As previously mentioned, he has a fan base. He uses this fan base to spread better and updated news about the different golf products sold at Rock Bottom Golf. He even has a Facebook page which allows him to tap an even bigger market. This is where he promotes and advertises the products offered in the site.

With the help of this medium, his partners namely (1) Bag Boy, (2) clicgear, (3) AAGA, (4) Bent Grass Concepts, (5) Bat-Caddy and (6) Bunkers in Baghdad also achieved growth. As Scratch’s fan base increases, more and more people get to know the value of all the offered products in Rock Bottom Golf. This also further improved the value of Callaway golf in the industry since it is one of the brands available on the site.

In as much as Callaway knows everything about how their golf products and equipment were engineered, Scratch is also fully knowledgeable about the information that he shares. Check out Scratch and use the information that he conveys to learn more about the basics of playing golf, how to use golf clubs and what the best products and accessories that you can use.

Promos and deals are also offered by Scratch himself. If you are presently searching for the best golf equipment, especially those that are under the Callaway product line, then consider visiting Rock Bottom Golf where Scratch and a great staff and team of experts belong.

Badge Lanyards – Ensure Your Safety

Wearing an ID badge is important in promoting security in health care, educational establishments and business. By wearing an ID, unauthorized people cannot easily sneak in the company’s premises without being recognized by the employees. Badge Lanyards are made for people to easily put on their IDs. Although wearing one is very simple, it can lead to various accidents if proper care is not observed. Given below are some of the possible risks of improperly wearing lanyards.

• Machines in the factory

Since factories utilize large industrial machines, badge lanyards may get entangled in them. This case is very alarming since the machine can draw you inside and cause serious injuries. It is a must to ensure your safety at all times. In this case, you must not use a long lanyard. The length should be short enough so that it will not sway frequently. Also, never play with your lanyard, especially when you are operating dangerous machinery or if you work beside them.

• Choking

badge lanyards

• Allergies

People who are allergic with the materials used in making lanyards are at a greater risk of allergy attacks. When these people wear lanyards for a long time, they can feel irritated and their neck will get itchy. In this case, you can still wear a lanyard but make sure that you are not allergic with the material used. You can contact the manufacturer and tell your condition. For sure, the manufacturer will make a lanyard suitable to your skin.

• Disease

Wearing a lanyard in hospitals is not completely safe. Most people who are admitted to the hospital are suffering from contagious diseases. Therefore, the fabric of the lanyard can absorb different infectious substances from the patients. In this case, the lanyard acts as a disease-spreading material. Fortunately, only certain types of material can absorb infectious substances. Beaded and shoelace-type lanyards have the ability to absorb materials around them. Hospital doctors and nurses do not wear such types of lanyards. They only wear lanyards that are resistant to foreign materials.

• Misuse

Lanyards should be used properly to prevent different types of accidents. Many people would think that such accidents are unusual,however, they still happen quite unexpectedly. For instance, wearing a badge lanyard in the jail is a little dangerous as the worker may get caught by the inmates by grabbing at the lanyard. They can tighten the lanyard making it difficult for the worker to breathe. In addition,a long lanyard can get tangled with wires. If it is a barb wire and you fall down, you can get several wounds.

Badge lanyards are useful in different companies, schools and organizations. However, if they are used improperly, they can cause several accidents. To ensure that these things will not happen to you, use your lanyard with caution. Any accident can be prevented so don’t be scared of the possible risks a lanyard can bring you. All you need to do is to be cautious with your actions.